Target & Clients

Vernissage operates both as a broker and consultant for the private label world.

The sales channel in which it has the most experience is the discount channel, as well as significant operations in the selective and pharmacy channels. All products developed by the company both as broker and consultant, are always created by the most important Italian companies.

The company mainly acts as a broker for skin care and make up products; in particular, for the latter Vernissage plays a fundamental role as there are no other companies in the world capable of supplying the entire range for distribution. Indeed some companies are specialised exclusively in the distribution of polishes, others are focused on baked powders or pencils, emulsions, etc. In the private label world, the broker plays an essential, strategic role, linking producers and distributors.

Vernissage supplies distributors with a complete range of products created by various companies, based on their specialisations.

Vernissage acts as "Prime Contractor" thus enabling the optimisation of management and logistics costs. In addition, given that the single most expensive component of make up products is packaging, and all primary packaging is produced with its own moulds, Vernissage is always competitive compared to European producers, without actually being a direct producer. As broker, Vernissage also develops marketing strategies and graphics for all products.

It acts as consultant both for producers and distributors. Owners or Chief Executive Officers approach Vernissage and entrust the company with the development of projects, including the creation of packaging, the definition of product costs, sales and all logistics management. Its main clients are companies who wish to develop or bolster the performance of their private label market, but lack the know-how or do not wish to create a structure with employees dedicated to a business which, given its type, offers no certainty in terms of duration.

By the end of 2016, Vernissage consultancies had enabled various companies to develop 80,000,000 Euros of sold goods.